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Shakespeare wrote thirty seven plays on record, alone, before he died. Although he is credited for all of his plays, many people doubt and question whether it is true that he actually wrote his own plays. Shakespeare also wrote tragedies in his plays and it fragic stories go with his life because he lost his daughter when she was only months old. It is believed that he also lost a son as well. Shakespeare died in 1616 and he was already famous for his plays before then. He is also known to write historical fiction or plays based on history. There is plenty of evidence to point out that with no doubt, Shakespeare did write his own plays.
Shakespeare has been uncredited for his plays even though he is known as the author on record. His timeline can undoubtedly prove that he wrote plays, even though some of the plays were not produced until after he died, and that the ones that were produced are just as good as the plays produced after his death. Shakespeare even started producing plays before he died in 1616. For example,“In 1592 one of Shakespeare’s first plays were produced” (Chronology of Plays by William Shakespeare sec. 4) Also, since there is proof of the plays existing before he died and because he was famous; as well it would have been a lot harder for him to be able to use somebody elses plays and fake as being the real author. For example, “As published in Romeo and Juliet , Romeo and Juliet first performed in the autumn/winter of 1594” (Romeo and Juliet para. 2). Romeo and Juliet was performed in 1594 which is twenty years before he died. Romeo and Juliet is a super famous play written by Shakespeare; famous enough that Romeo and Juliet has even been translated into modern English and is taught throughout high schools...

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