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One of the most significant moments in the history of the United States was the March on Washington. Leading up to the civil rights era violence was very prevalent throughout the lives of black men and women. The disadvantages of race in regards to being colored was something so un-American being that even in the Country’s National anthem America was said to be “For the land of the free and the home of the brave” , however the only people who were truly able to enjoy freedom in having their rights secured were whites. The march on Washington was extremely significant because it revealed the tenacity of black women whom fought alongside black men regarding equality and justice for the black community. White America was always very uninterested…show more content…
The March would require serious planning and organization which many were committed to doing being that this was a momentous opportunity. Men like Martin Luther King junior were pivotal in the march on Washington however the recognition this march gained was greatly due the actions of women who refused to stay complacent and fought to persuade even their pastors, their church members and people within their own communities the social hierarchy would allow men to hold a higher position to their female counterpart almost gave the march on Washington full recognition in regards to the black men involved. Although both black men and women fought vigorously to promote change in the Government there was still another issue black women faced of being substandard when compared to black men. The fight to end segregation and bring equality to all black Americans was necessary in order to free future generations of black boys and girls from the same ill treatment exploitation in an oppressive system of racism and racially provoked practices that disenfranchised people of color. The march on Washington successfully prompted change as the world would view America through the perspective of Black Americans who would no longer remain silent and unaccounted

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