Marbury V. Madison (1803-1803)

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123 words

Marbury v. Madison-1803- Background: The night before Thomas Jefferson was elected into office John Adams appointed several justices, including justices of the peace, known as the midnight judges. John Adams signed off the Commissions for these justices, but not all of the Commissions were delivered before his term ended. William Marbury (Marbury) was one of the justices of the peace appointed by John Adams. John Adams left the White House, Marbury did not receive his commission under the new president, Thomas Jefferson, who ordered his Secretary of State James Madison (Madison), to withhold these Commissions. Marbury upset with the decision brought the suit to the Supreme Court, wanting a Writ of Mandamus in order to force Madison to sign

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  • Explains that the night before thomas jefferson's election, john adams appointed several justices, including the midnight judges, but not all of them were delivered before his term ended. marbury upset with the decision brought suit to the supreme court.
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