Mao Zedong's Role Of Women In China

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The woman’s role in China has drastically changed from the end of the Qing dynasty in 1911, to the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, through to modern day society. The new People’s Republic leader Mao Zedong, gradually developed his theory of continuing revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat, and this influenced his view of women and therefore the Chinese Communist Party’s policy regarding women. Throughout this essay, the effect Mao Zedong’s ideology had on women in China will be discussed further. In order to truly understand the effect Mao Zedong had on women during his communist reign, it is critical to understand the role of women in traditional china, Mao Zedong’s original motives, how the role of women…show more content…
Although a great deal has been written on Mao Zedong’s military actions, there is very little on his inner motives and intentions. He claimed that women held up half of the heavens, abolished foot binding and outlawed prostitution (Abraham, N.D). It is clear to see through the use of his speeches, that he encouraged men and women to be equal. “Protect the interests of the youth, women and children - provide assistance to young students who cannot afford to continue their studies, help the youth and women to organize in order to participate on an equal footing in all work useful to the war effort and to social progress, ensure freedom of marriage and equality as between men and women, and give young people and children a useful education....” (Zedong 1945). Throughout the twentieth century, the family is the main focus and basic unit of Chinese society and women were still expected to be wives and mothers. “Whether it was Confucian values, revolutionary Maoist ideals, or the search for economic and educational improvement, women have endured numerous changes as they bent with the prevailing political winds” (Kristoff, 1994). Chinese women have faced inequality, harsh treatment, and multiple changes in society and have withstood all expectations placed on them by the Chinese…show more content…
The following source blames the “Confucian System” for placing “sins” against Chinese women and reveals the backwardness of Mao Zedong’s ideologies. “But if China is to hold its own, much more if it is to advance as other nations have advanced, and do advance, it must be done under the head of new forces. Confucianism has been a might power to build up, and to conserve. But Confucianism with its great merits has committed many 'Deadly Sins, ' and of those sins it must ultimately suffer the penalty. Confucianism as a developing force is a force which is spent. Sooner or later it must give way to something stronger, wiser, and better” (North China Herald,
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