Many Lives, Many Masters

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Many Lives Many Masters

Many Lives, Many Masters is a book about a psychologist Brian L. Weiss, who by helping his patient he helps himself as well. Through Catherine he learned that his conventional approach through the scientific method and medication was not the proper way to heal his patients. Catherine comes in with anxiety, panic attacks and phobias and wants a way out of it all. Dr. Weiss approaches the situation in a scientific manner as he does with all of his patients, he doesn’t get very far until he decided to use hypnosis. He would have liked to use medication but her fear of swallowing pills prevented that. During hypnosis she begins to remember her childhood but not this childhood her past life. At first Dr. Weiss is very skeptical I mean there is no scientific explanation for this but he decides to continue. In her past lives he begins to discover why she has so many of the fears and phobias that she has. As well, during hypnosis she begins to identify others in her life now as some from her past lives. During one of these hypnosis after her death a different voice begins to speak. This voice knows things about Dr. Weiss’ past that no one else would and could know because he never shared the details with Catherine about his personal life. This Masters begins to tell him about his meaning in life, a message. One that through his religious beliefs as well as through his scientific methods he could not understand. The Masters spoke of many plains that were reached throughout your past lives. You could only reach these plains if you solved the problem you had in your life. For example, if you leave a life and never learn to trust in your next life, you must learn to trust. If this is achieved you would be able to reach to the next plain and receive more knowledge. He began to believe and listen. Through this listening, he began to have new meaning in his life and learned how to help Catherine through hers. He than began to try to reach the end of Catherine’s lives to get to the end in the hope that the Masters would relay another message through Catherine. The masters did not appear every time that Catherine remembered a death in her past life only when they decided to relay this message. These messages then stopped and Catherine was cured. Then years later Dr. Weiss believed it was time for him to pass this message to others through his b...

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... was a phase in my life, which I had to learn from as difficult as it was for me it made me a much stronger person. They chose before they were born what they were to accomplish and when they should leave. The full meaning to why they passed away so young I don’t think I’ll fully be able to understand now but in time I will. Time should not be of so much importance to me. The idea of forever I think is the hardest for me to understand. I think even Marlo in Mutant Message didn’t fully understand the definition brought about by the “Real People.” It is also something, which in time we will be able to understand. I have to forget the past and worry about now and not that I won’t have time to do everything I want to do. I have a meaning and that is what I should focus on what I came to this life to do and learn. Only then will I be able to focus more clearly on what is important and not clutter my mind with everything that is going around me. I do think though that my meaning or at least on is to help people to be the alternative to medication as Dr. Brian Weiss believes now. I believe that through music therapy I will be able to help others and teach them to help themselves as well.
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