Many Forms of Plagiarism

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Many Forms of Plagiarism

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One of the main goals of teachers everywhere is to guide their students to write in a narrative style that carries the reader along logically. Their job is to teach writing skills to enhance this and to help them along their learning journey. In most cases, this begins at an early age with the typical, “What I did on my summer vacation” story that almost everyone wrote every September in Grammar School. Slowly but surely, the stories got longer and as time did not permit in the classroom, they were being assigned homework. Once the student was out of the watchful eye of the teacher, control over how a student’s story was written was lost.

If a student isn’t too imaginative, or is lazy, or waits until the last minute and panics, he or she may look at an alternative way of doing a paper as opposed to doing it themselves. They could have a friend write it, get one from someone in a similar course or, now in the age of the computer simply download one in a matter of seconds. All these dishonest methods of obtaining a paper are forms of plagiarism. It’s when you sign your name to someone else’s work, either in full or in part and there can be severe consequences. To combat the increasing ease of committing plagiarism, educators have had to become just as innovative as their students.

Plagiarism exists throughout the educational life of students. It is kind of a test to the student to not participate in this illegal and immoral activity. Though this is a tough challenge to resist, it will make you a better student if you don’t cheat. Not only will this resistance make you a better student; it will ultimately make you a better person later on in your life. This will be the case when you get a career in which you will be responsible to make your own decisions, without the aid of any help. Most jobs no matter what they are, require some type of independent work. If someone plagiarizes throughout their life they will be in a lot of trouble once they get out of University by being unable to perform their job on their own.

Plagiarism exists in many forms. The following are examples of plagiarism cases according to Brock University.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that copying from another student or making information available to other students knowing that this is to be submitted as the borrower’s own work.
  • Explains the use of direct quotations or large sections of paraphrased material in a lab report without acknowledgement.
  • Explains the submission of an essay written in whole or in part by someone else as one’s own.
  • Explains that copying an essay or assignment, or allowing it to be copied by someone else, is illegal.
  • Explains the submission of the same piece of work in more than one credit without the permission of instructors.
  • Recommends using findsame, a powerful content-search engine, to search for suspect paragraphs.
  • Recommends howoriginal and plagiserve for text-matching tools.
  • Recommends using large-database, full-text search engines like google, northern light, or fast search.
  • Recommends using keyword searches rather than exact phrase searches, but using a string of appropriate keywords can be very powerful.
  • Opines that students' lack of confidence in their writing ability stems from whether they were taught the basics of writing in grammar school, or they are lazy and want to take the easy way out.
  • Explains that teachers guide their students to write in a narrative style that carries the reader along logically. plagiarism exists throughout the educational life of students.
  • Explains that the internet has given students a valuable resource for information, but it also allows students to take advantage of other’s writings.
  • Explains that teachers have had to use new methods in plagiarizing detection along with old ones used in earlier years.
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