Many Cultures, One Place #2

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Many Cultures, One Place #2

In modern time, numerous people have the idea that all the countries in the world can be united as one. However, they do not comprehend completely that there exists many differences in terms of political and cultural structures that do not allow countries to act as one. In the article: One Europe, Two Citizens by Pavel Kelly-Tychtl, the author tries to make the audience understand that having numerous countries together acting as one, like the European Union EUROPA - The EU at a glance is not the best way possible to solve the problems that our society has because eventually it will generate more because of the huge gap that these countries have in relation to each other. According to the author of this article, the only purpose that the European Union has is to generate discontent between their citizens and also to affect the political and economical structures that have already been created before by those governments. The structure that the European Union has is not the proper system to enforce around countries in the world because it limits the power of each country depending the characteristics that each of them have.

The European Union is a group of countries that their main purpose is to act as one nation. With this focus on mind, they want to create between these groups of countries the same qualities and characteristics so that they can have the best governmental system ever (Squeezing 22 ) Among the things that the European Union shares in common are: common currency (Euro), borders (it is easier to pass from one country to another), parliament (same laws or rules) Accessing European Union Information, free trade (safe economy), and so on. In present time, this union is composed of fifteen countries. However, the European Union is looking forward that other countries will join them, and they already invited other ten countries to be with them. Many politicians agree that the European Union is an excellent example of how governments should work because it is very well organized (One Europe 30) However, with the ideas given by the author in this paper the audience can clearly see that the only thing that the European Union can produce is differences between people around the world.

There exist a similarity between the European Union and the United States; they both are seen as one place, one nation, and one country.
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