Manson Cult's Susan Atkins

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Justice is something that we all as human being want to see fulfill, especially when we are the one that need it for us or our love ones. The family members of those who were killed by Susan Atkins and her companion will agree with it. The damage cause to their dears and the endless pain and suffering in effect from their death will support the decision take by the parole board in September 2, 2009 in the denial of a compassionate release due to Atkins’ health. In 1969 the first crime scenario took place with the murder of a man called Gary Hinman. According to Wikipedia “Atkins claimed she didn’t know a crime was going to take place, although she wrote in her 1977 book that she went to Hinman's home to get money and knew that it was possible they were going to kill him”. This fact proves her dishonesty to accept that she was part of the crime, which she later contradicts by writing the fact a possible crime in her book. This declaration just reveals her full participation and agreement in the murder of this man in a search for money. Subsequently to that, in the same year the following to Hinman’ murder in which Atkins participated , the assassination of Sharon Tate who was pregnant, Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, and Abigail Folger took place. According to the forensic evidence the crime was describe as brutal (Wikipedia). During Atkins declaration she confesses to be the killer of Tate during her statement. “She stated that she had stabbed Tate because she was ‘sick of listening to her, pleading and begging, begging and pleading’” (Wikipedia). During trail the audience saw a lack of remorse about the crime committed by her and the Mason Family. During one her declaration she confesses t... ... middle of paper ... ...ble that I'm not for the compassionate release."(Wikipedia) Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas also opposed Atkins' release, stating that "It would be a grave miscarriage of justice to burden the citizens of Orange County by paroling her to Orange County, where she can enjoy the comforts of her husband, home and mercy she did not show Sharon Tate [or] her unborn baby." ( Wikipedia ) In September 2, 2009 the parole board once again denied for 18th time Atkins parole. The fact or her life show no remorse or mercy to her crime which help the parole board conclude with their decision of no allowing Atkins release. Her release would have been an offense to the family of their victims. Whose only consolation of justice has been that this woman die in prison paying for her crime. Works Cited Wikipedia

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