Mans relationship to nature

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Jake Barnes, American veteran of World War I In the novel The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway, is a man who is unable to make emotional connections with the women he chose to be intimate with is frozen in time, strongly due to Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which is a type of anxiety disorder that can come about after you have gone through an extreme emotional trauma that involved the threat of injury or death, such as the war Jake was in and his "injury". The most intimate part of nature in relation to men is the peace it brings, Jakes unity with nature ameliorates his depression and endows him with blessedness, until Brett returns and ushers him back to the lost generation.

To begin, after the dust of World War I settled and the troops arrived home-or didn't arrive home, it became evident that the world was changed permanently. Before it was named World War I, it was called the Great War, the war to end all wars. War causes Trauma, and with it, world war one created the Lost Generation, this is jakes generation. The reason it is called the lost generation is because those who came home were profoundly affected by their war experience. Feeling cynical about humanity's prospects, they rebelled against the values of their elders, probing immoral self-indulgence instead of decency, and hedonism rather then the good life. Jakes trauma is his injury from the war. This affects Jake because he cannot make emotional connections with anyone and is forced to tell them the truth: “you’re not a bad type, she said. it’s a shame you’re sick. We get on well. Whets the mater with you anyways? I got hurt in the war, I said.”(Page 24). This shows that Jake cannot escape what had happen and he must let up to the fact that he cannot mak...

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... that, Bill said. That’s the sort of thing that cant be spoken of.” although Jake doesn’t address the situation directly, its clear that he does not struggle to speak of it. It is evident that Nature ameliorates Jake because while he is with Brett, he is consistently reminded of his injury during the war, but while Jake is in nature, he feels at peace and even brings up what happened to him during the war.

To cease, because of jakes injury he is quite insecure about his masculinity. His injury is something that troubles him because he cannot make emotional connections with Brett, his true love. Jake often turns to nature to ameliorate him from brett. Brett is the main source of jakes pain. The only way to escape that pain is nature, mans natural relationship to nature applies to jake as he can easily talk about his injury during the war while he is set in nature.
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