Mans best friend

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Man’s Best Friend

Who do you consider your best friend? Is it the person you grew up with? Is it your husband or wife? For many it is someone that is always they’re for them when sad or lonely, or when one needs to talk, cry, or laugh. However, thousands of Americans are turning to their dogs for a favorite companion. This paper will explore the enduring phrase “Man’s Best Friend” and the loyalty, faithfulness, intelligence, and companionship shared by dogs and masters that make this statement true.

Some might ask, why would anyone consider a dog their best friend? For many dog owners the answer would be loyalty. In a story from the Christian Science Monitor author William H. Carlile wrote, “There is a hero on West Eunice Street just outside the suburb of Tucson: a two-year-old female English Springer Spaniel named Brandy. She is credited by law-enforcement officials with attacking and chasing off an intruder last year at the home of her owners, Jerry and Kendal Plank, despite having been shot five times by a 9mm semiautomatic machine gun.”(11) This story is an excellent example of the loyalty a dog can acquire towards its masters, to be able to protect and even save lives. Loyalty is a very common trait given to dogs by their owners. Many of those who talk of the loyalty their dogs have for them will also have an incredible story to back up their beliefs. In an article in The Australian, an experienced hunter fell into a ravine and was unable to get out. He was there for five days before rescuers found him; they reported that temperatures fell below freezing at night and it rained three of the five night’s (007). His dog Bee, was able to get out of the ravine but decided to stay with his masters. Searcher Brent Keightley said, “If it wasn’t for the dog, Des wouldn’t have survived.” The article tells of how the dog slept with him to keep him warm during the freezing nights (007). This story not only demonstrates loyalty but also the faithfulness that a dog and master often share.

“Man’s Best Friend” is often considered a household phrase. Many people think of the loyalty of a dog when they here this saying, but for some it is also the loyalty of the owner and the friendship that builds between them. For an old baseball coach of mine it is not only a household s...

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... seem to provide pure enjoyment and entertainment through their intelligence and friendliness. This statement, “Man’s Best Friend”, will continue to prove itself true for years to come, with new exciting and fun stories for everyone to enjoy.

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