Manipulative Play

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In a kindergarten or pre-kindergarten program, manipulatives materials and play are an important aspect that benefits students learning and developmental skills. There are many different types of manipulatives that can be used throughout a classroom. There are six different types of play that are described by Parten. These types of play include unoccupied, solitary, onlooker, parallel, associative, and cooperative. Manipulative materials can be used in different ways depending on the focus of the type of play.
There are many benefits/values that manipulatives can bring to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs. Manipulatives can be used as an aid to strengthen students learning and differentiate instruction. Because not all students learn
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It is important that schools use a play based curriculum that display’s students interest because children develop different skills at different times. There are two different ways to interpret the term “play” that can become conflicting. Some see it as something that is fun and the only thing that children want to do. However, although it is fun, it is also a way in which children learn. When children participate in play they are engaging in collaboration, communication, content, creativity, critical thinking, and confidence. This can also be described as “the Six Cs” (Gillespie, 2017). These are skills that young children will need in adulthood and they are developing them through play. When students are engaging in play, they are developing physical, mental, cognitive, language, and motor skills. Playing allows students to use their imagination and creativity. Since play requires hands-on involvement, children are also developing social skills. By participating in play, children can connect real-life situations. For example, dramatic play centers can allow children to dress up as members of a community such as a police officer. The student then takes on the role of that person based on real life situations. Engaging in play within a classroom allows children to develop a longer attention span. Play allows students the chance to self-discover and promote…show more content…
There are manipulatives that can be and are used during play time in a classroom. When manipulatives are used during play time, children are challenging their selves to think critically. When manipulatives and play are incorporated together, children also have the opportunity to engage in self-conversations to solve problems. When they are allowed to play with manipulatives independently, they are developing self-regulation skills which will holder their attention at a longer span. These skills are important at a young age, and using manipulatives during play offers benefits and holds value in how it is affecting children
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