Manifest Destiny In Jackson Turner's The Frontier In American History

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In The Frontier in American History (1893) written by historian Jackson Turner. Turner makes a captivating argument stating that westward expansion played an important role in shaping the American character. Manifest destiny was an important concept in American history and started in the nineteenth century. It was assumed that Americans can control land because it is their “god-given” right. Many of the ideals and themes in Manifest Destiny were already seen throughout the United States but became more prominent during this time. The development of an “American identity” was due to the expansion of America. The American culture was a big part of Manifest destiny because this was a basis of reason to continue expansion westward. Turner’s argument is accurate and certain themes support his view on Manifest destiny. These include the work, labor and economic development of that time, the roles of…show more content…
With change happening all around Americans there was social changes as well. Men saw land as a status symbol according to Harriet Martineau “ The possession of land is the aim of all action…and the cure for all social evils, among men”(page 73) . Men saw any reason to buy land as a way to take a stance and pleasure in having property of your own. Especially, with the new middle class the more land you had the more important you felt. This added to the American character because land was so important during that time. There was always land to gain and land was as much a status symbol as it was livelihood. Women took pride in furthering Manifest Destiny because as a mother and wife she had an influence on the people around her. As women started to step out of the traditional role they become involved outside of the home. Without Manifest Destiny women would not have pushed themselves to elevate from the domestic role they were forced into thus impacting the “American
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