Manifest Destiny

Americans always had the desire to do great things and expand their influence abroad. It was their ideal that god destined them to do so. Manifest Destiny was a term coined by John O’Sullivan during the 19th century that describes the American’s expedition to further their land, and stretch it from coast to coast. There westward motivation was made possible most notably during the reign of James K. Polk. However, expanding and gaining new land wasn’t a simple scheme. The new improvements and goals collided very often with other nations, such as Britain in the debate over the Oregon territory. Things also heated up with Mexico in the Mexican American war that resulted from the annexation of Texas into the union. Getting Texas to get annexed resulted not only the issue with Mexico, but also resulted in huge debates whether or not to proceed with annexation due to the risk of offsetting the slave to free state ratio balance. Polk didn’t just give up there, but also fought with Mexico over California and New Mexico. All the struggling inevitably paid off because most of the changes in foreign and domestic policies from 1840 to 1850 brought the United States one huge step closer to establishing a democratized nation.
Even though there was much debate over the Oregon territory, it eventually connected many people from the east to west. Oregon was seen to the British as a fur-division of the Hudson’s Bay Company. They fought for the territory simply for the motive of competing with the Americans for land and commercial aspirations. The Americans, most notably the expansionists that supported Manifest Destiny, argued that they deserve the entire region to themselves. To comprise the matter with the British, he decided to claim t...

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...the gold fields and expanded the networks of trails all across the country. Nearly over thousands of people followed there traces towards the west to seek prosperity.
All the struggling and changing of the foreign and domestic policies from 1840 to 1850 eventually brought about a vast new territory into the West. After compromising with the British over Oregon, dealing with the annexation of Texas, and fighting Mexico over California and New Mexico, the United States nearly grew half in size. The new land had much to offer for those who were struggling and seeking to start fresh. Many moved out and spread out to the West through trails established from the East, such as the Oregon and California trail. As a strong advocate of Manifest Destiny, James K. Polk was successful in fulfilling the dream of his and of many Americans to stretch the land from coast to coast.
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