Mandatory Drug Testing for Student Athletes

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Many times in an athletes life are they asked or peer pressured to do some type of drug that is supposed to help them be a better athlete. Well it’s all-illegal, and to save the stress on the teammates and coach’s, along with all of the fans, why not drug test them? It would make sense to save all of the stress put on everyone. Drugs start as low as middle school athletics, but yet they are not drug tested. They think because they aren’t drug tested that it is okay for them to do these things and still be able to play sports. Well I think that is wrong, sports are a privilege and if you can’t follow the rules why should you be able to play? “To suggest that 60 per cent of athletes take drugs..” This many athletes take drugs and still get to do these things. In my opinion it is not fair to the athletes that handle their business properly and do what they are supposed to do. Many athletes that use drugs are the ones that are the most talented in what they do, but then when they get caught using drugs they throw all of that away. “Lost fame, fortune, and possibly a place in history.” That can really hurt and player and their team. If you are losing fans do to drug use then why would they spend the money on watching you play, or even just take time out of their day to watch you on TV. Coaches notice that, and if they can see that because a player is doing drugs and this is causing fans to not come and them to lose money, the coach will pull you. Then that player has just lost his or her career over drugs. For example, baseball player, Josh Hamilton, “fall from grace due to drugs and then the resurrection after kicking the habit.” Hamilton was injured and tried to take any and as many kind of drugs that he could to try to make him... ... middle of paper ... ...taying clean. We should not let drugies play these sports and be those kinds of role models to the people looking up to them. It isn’t fair to society. Works Cited Albow, Keith. 2011. be-tested-for-drug-use/ November 11, 2013 Tropf, Zach. 2008. drug-abuse/2434 November 8, 2013. Wilson, Neil. 2012. Olympics-60-cent-athletes-using-drugs-claims-disgraced-supplier.html November 10, 2013. 1996. November 10, 2013 2011. November 8, 2013 2013. essential/ November 11, 2013
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