Managing Time Management Essay

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Managing time, nutritious and stress all play a part in living a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is managing all stages of your life. My proposed lifestyle changes are time management, nutrition and stress management. TIME MANAGEMENT: Managing your time allows you to prioritize your thoughts, eating habits and reduce your stress. According to, lifestyle benefits of time management are: • less stress, • get more done, • less rework, • less life friction and problems, • more free time, • less wasted time, • less wasted time, • more opportunities, • improves your reputation, • less effort, • more time where it matters. Managing time reduces stress levels in your mind and body. Setting goals and a timeline to finish tasks will gives you extra time to be productive in your tasks. Managing time can cause less barriers in life responsibilities. Not only does time management helps to complete more it also give you added time to focus on other areas of your life such as nutrition and managing your stress. When you have added time, you become reliable to fulfill obligations to get together with family and friends and meet new people. It takes less time to organized than it does to fight through barriers and redo work over which of course cause stress, that cause anxiety that causes health problems. Therefore, manage your time careful and smart to maintain a healthy lifestyle. NUTRITION: Eating healthy improves your attitude, builds your immune system and helps you to live longer. To live healthy a person must eat healthily. Unhealthy eating habits affect your physical, emotional and mental ab... ... middle of paper ... ...tober 03). Why Should Students Eat Healthy? Retrieved November 19, 2017, from Nutrition. (n.d.). Retrieved November 19, 2017, from Team, T. H. (2016, August 04). The Benefits of Healthy Habits. Retrieved November 19, 2017, from Youth, O. F. (2016, August 25). The Importance of Eating Healthy for Students | OFY Education blog. Retrieved November 19, 2017, from STRESS MANAGEMENT Eliaz, D. I. (2011, June 08). Why Stress Management Is So Important for Your Health. Retrieved November 19, 2017, from
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