Managing Marketing with God

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Marketers are in a very visible position in most firms and are usually a significant part of an organization. As a marketing manager the role can be daunting at times. The position of management itself indicates an advanced level of leadership, and is a position of strategy and must be viewed objectively understanding that decisions made must be all inclusive. In the book of Joshua, the 1st chapter and the 9th verse God instructs Joshua as the new leader of the Israelites that he is now in a strategic position: the responsibility of leading his nation rests with him (The Holy Bible, 2010). He has been given this authority because of his relationship with God. He is assured that he has the attributes of strength, determination, fearlessness, and the understanding that he is not alone in this endeavor. He accepts that he has the inner power and fortitude to succeed and to successfully bring his nation into the land that God has promised. This ideology transfers into the business arena as leaders must be assured and confident that they possess the necessary tools to obtain the desired ...

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