Managing Information

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Managing Information

Executive SummaryInformation is any analysed data containing meaningful sense. An organisation couldn¡¦t operate with out information or data collection. If no information was collected decisions couldn¡¦t be made therefore the business/organisation could not progress or develop. To effectively operate Sunset Coast University they need to endorse a new information system. Every organisation collects retrieves and uses data. To provide maximum benefit to an organisation data must be managed carefully, organised efficiently and used effectively. Without a system to distribute and receive data it would be almost impossible for an organisation to make decisions or at least cater for their future needs. Ensuring an organisation has reliable information is vital to meet the needs and responsibilities of the managers, as managers are the primary users of information. To effectively operate Sunset Coast University they need to endorse a new and improved information system. There are many problems with the university¡¦s records management and information systems. These problems have increased over a long period of time and need immediate action. An MISA Management Information system explores unorganised data to provide managers with meaningful information. An MIS can be either manual or computer based. Most current information systems will be computer based as newer technology is more accurate and efficient. A Management Information system would be extremely beneficial for the University. An MIS would provide managers with needed information more efficiently and accurately. This would decrease the pressure on the manager and ensure a more timely process to obtain important information.The Information ManagerAn Information Manager would be a major asset to the University. It would decrease the pressure on the department heads by ensuring a more organised and controlled process of collecting and analysing information. Role of the Information Manager:„h Identify problems and determine the cause.„h Monitor and control data communications.„h Develop the systems for obtaining, processing and presenting information.„h Determine costs of the new technology and it¡¦s benefit to the organisation. „h Determine current and future needs of the organisation, related to information systems. „h Test and modify the system to adopt to changes.„h Train and educa...

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...e to store inactive records on campus. Any records that have no significance at all in historical or legal research can be destroyed as long as the statutory requirements are met. Security Confidentiality is a major issue in today¡¦s society so all security measures need to be addressed to protect information. Passwords, identification, alarms, pin codes/pads, are types of security essential to the needs of the university. Only authorised staff should be able to access information relating to students, accounts etc. The university building itself needs to be protected. Sunset Coast need to ensure no unauthorised personnel can gain access to where information is stored. They can reduce this by installing alarms, camera¡¦s, deadlocks, pin codes and guards. All staff should wear identification badges and uniforms at all times to ensure any suspicious behaviour can be identified as soon as possible. Computerised databases need to have passwords that are frequently changed to avoid unauthorised persons tapping into the database and viewing confidential data. All staff should also sign a form of confidentiality in their contract and these forms should be kept in their personnel files.
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