Managerial Agency Case Study

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10.4.1 Seduction.
The first stage is the process whereby the manager in the new setting is commencing their engagement. The endpoint is that the followers are listening, that they are paying active attention to their manager/leader, and that they are receptive to and interested in hearing what he or she has to say.

Aside from having some structural authority that confers an initial legitimacy; the main processes active at this point are the manager tuning into, or divining, the collective psychology of the group, and then addressing it; engaging with the issues as they are perceived by the group members. The group’s ”collective psychology” can be an issue relating to history (the departure of the loved previous manager for example) or it
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That in the initial stages, the “player” with some legitimate transactional authority and power is in a strong position of influence – but that this advantage is built upon and amplified with the softer more psychological interpersonal skills.

The managerial agent’s “management” role defines two things, firstly their job, meaning the fact and dimensions of the individual’s responsibility vis-à-vis the task. Secondly, the “management” role defines and denotes the more transactional elements and levers of the role, the identification of strategy and tactics in achieving the task; allocation of resources for the task and the management of subordinates in terms of performance and reward. Unlike the concept of “leadership” which is subjective and indefinable, the managerial agency concept distinguishes between leadership and management, and combines them in a synthesis of what is required to get things done in an organisation. Inspirational leadership achieves little without the more concrete management preoccupations; clarity of both task in terms of definition, boundaries and strategy and the managers responsibility. This combines with a managerial awareness of resources available and subordinate

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