Management of Email in a Government Agency

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I often read technical journals and information management publications in print as well as web based articles or white papers. I like to educate myself as well as stay current on the most recent information on Information Management. I feel for my rhetorical essay it’s best to stick to what I know and what I’m familiar with. The article I chose to elaborate on comes from the January/February 2014 issue of Information Management , an ARMA Publication. It addresses the ongoing issues of email management and email retention. Most organizations, civilian and government struggle with the problem of email storage and email retention. In an ideal world it would be the desire of the organization to limit the amount of email and the length of email retention to an across the board timeframe, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years or longer for specific records. Although uniform retention periods are a goal and objective for many organizations, it isn’t very realistic for most government entities. Dr. William Saffady begins his article “Taking Control of E-Mail with Uniform Retention Rules” questioning the practicality of schedule-based retention periods for the management of email and electronic communication. He recommends an alternative system of managing email messages by adopting uniform retention rules. Dr. Saffady is currently Professor at the Palmer School of Library and Information Science, Long Island University in New Your City, where he teaches courses on information management topics. He is definitely well versed in his field and more than qualified in his assessment if email management. Although Dr. Saffady is well qualified to his opinion and make recommendations but I have to disagree with his as... ... middle of paper ... ...urrently Cook County where I work have over 20,000 employees. The management of email for 20,000 employees is a huge task but one that must be taken seriously. References Arizona State Library of Archives and Public Records. (n.d.). “Guideline for managing public records sent and received via electronic mail”. Live Office – Your Archiving Experts. (2010 July). “ Best Practices Guide for Email Retention.” Retrieved March 11, 2014 from Saffady, William, PhD., (2014) “Taking Control of E-Mail with Uniform Retention Rules” , Information Management, An ARMA International Publication, Volume 48, No 1, 20-26
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