Management of Change

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Management of Change Journal
Personal/Interpersonal Change

Entry 1:
On Thursday night February 10th, I left work at 8:30 p.m. Earlier that day my boyfriend asked if I had plans to go out that night. At the time I felt tired and I said no. Once I got home my friends called and asked if I would go to Riley’s with them and of course I did. I am the type of person that doesn’t go out very often, because I stay so busy with school and by the end of the day I’m usually too tired. I was out having a good time with the girls, when he called and asked where I was. I told him I was at Riley’s with some friends; I could tell by the sound of his voice he wasn’t happy with the situation. His behavior became aggressive, and because I had been drinking I became defensive. Some of the friends I went out with that night he seems not to get along with and feels that they have a negative influence on me. The conversation ended with him hanging up on me. We both engaged in aggressive behavior, because we were yelling at each other and said some things that normally would not have been said if we would have dealt with the situation differently. I lost focus of the problem because of anger and neither of us got our point across. I should have called and let him know ahead of time that I was going out with my friends and none of this would have happened. From this situation I have learned to be more considerate towards him with my actions and communicate without saying things out of anger that occur from the situation.
The Material we covered in class relating to aggressive behavior is that we both expressed our feelings in a negative inappropriate fashion. We both also lost the message during expression because we both became angry and the point wasn’t conveyed properly. He also wasn’t positively influencing my behavior, because I just became angry and defensive with him.
He became aggressive when I told him where I was at, and I didn’t call before I had went out to Riley’s. I became aggressive when he crossed on my side of the invisible net, and said the friends I was with was a negative influence.
I learned that I need to be more responsible with my actions, like calling before I decide to go out and make plans ahead of time. Also instead of raising my tone of voice I should speak more calmly and remain more assertive.

Entry 2:
Friday afternoon February 11th I was t...

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...y problems. So once my sister returned I said thanks for the offer for dinner but I’m going to go ahead and leave. I kissed her and the baby and told them I loved them and I left. I feel that I dealt with the situation correctly because he is the type of person that no one can get along with.
This engagement relates to material covered in class because aggressive behavior is behavior expressing personal feelings in an inappropriate way where another person feels violated. He did not convey his feelings to me because he did it in a way that I wasn’t willing to listen to him and his opinion didn’t make any sense at all.
I became aggressive when he told me how and what I should do to make my situation better when the advice he was telling me didn’t sound very appealing and I didn’t agree with it. He became aggressive when he realized that I wasn’t listening to any of the information he was telling me.
From this situation I have learned that everyone has a different opinion and each person has a different way of expressing their opinion. Its how their opinion is interpreted by the receiver. I feel that I might need to be more open but I don’t agree with certain things he had to say.

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