Management and Organizational Behaviour

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Lastly, the communication of the Excel Nature Group is also good, because they have plan a lot of meeting, trip or events which is non-formal meeting, which can let the employee know more about each other. They also use the electronic media and information technology, such as the whatsapp group or facebook, they are able to let all people know about the changes they make. To conclude, this company has did well in their control area, the only thing people need to consider before they get in to this job is can they pay for the high cost to purchase the product, they do not have the good-will and they said they are helping another people, but the friend or family would be very concern about them. Analysis of Chandler Macleod Group (HK) Ltd The following items is the problem and analysis of the Chandler Macleod Group, the reward systems, communication, and organizational commitment. Chandler Macleod Group (HK) Ltd did not do well in the reward systems, they did not provide enough financial reward to satisfy the employee, and they only set up one promotion opportunity, which is the supervisor but there is only one supervisor in one section, means if that supervisor do not leave the company, other employee would never have a chance to be promoted. On the other side, Chandler Macleod Group is not provided any feedback, even library have given the feedback to the company, and the company never give any suggestion or feedback to us. Which if they want to keep being the service contractor of the library, they must do something to fix the reward systems, for example, they can increase the payment of the employee, not only the holiday, the extra working date or hours also need to increase the salary or the company can choose the supervisor b... ... middle of paper ... ...reward system is more important, in the company, financial rewards can encourage and motivate employee, the preferment bonus can also lead the employee to have better performance. Non-financial reward has same result, but the company should provide the promotion chance to them. And finally, the social recognition and attention and the feedback are also very useful on the system, these two items can let the employee know if he is doing the good job, and what can they improve. All these items can motivate the staff. This subject is very important for the business, and part of the theory can be used in myself, these lecture let me know more about the business and myself, and after all these lessons, I can start to think about my future and my problem. Also, this subject is very useful for the following years. they are the foundation, and the basic things of management.
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