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Introduction: One of a teacher’s many jobs is to guide his or her students. Guidance is especially important for teachers to implement for students of a young age. Guidance is important for teachers to implement for many expansive reasons. Young children tend to be, according to Erikson, egotistical and think about their own feelings and wants. This arrogance and selfishness will cause many problems with both other students and teachers. A teacher must recognize situations where children are in conflict with one another and use these situations as a chance to teach the children valuable lessons. The teacher must guide the child to desirable behaviors. Desirable behaviors include problem solving, self-autonomy, dealing with interpersonal problems, and determining right from wrong. It is crucial that teachers that are in contact with young children deal with these problems early. If a teacher or a parent does not address problems and guidance towards desirable behaviors, teachers that encounter a particular child might assume that the child has already learned certain behaviors. A child will, therefore, continue to act on undesirable behaviors that they do not know is wrong. A teacher must stress to each child that others have feelings and they must be aware of them. If a child does not detect that his or her actions is wrong, he or she will continue to act on those behaviors and it will be harder for that child to change later on. Guidance is important because it helps lead children to desirable behaviors, which is very difficult for them to learn on their own. Guidance shapes a child’s character and influences how child act sand interacts with others in a desirable, appropriate way.

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...tor, I am encouraged by the fact that I enjoy guiding children and leading them to a desired behavior and developing them appropriately. This fact makes me look forward to my career as an educator and role model. My honest fear as a future educator as of now is learning effective guidance strategies for the age group that I intend to educate in the future. In addition, learning and implementing guidance strategies when approached with diversity in my classroom is another honest fear of mine. In conclusion, I have been encouraged by the way I have interacted with the children in the preschool lab this year. I am also encouraged by the positive reactions that I have been receiving from the children after I have guided them. This semester of working as an assistant teacher has me excited for my career as a future educator because this is just the start of my teaching.
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