Management Lifecycle for Tourism Project in Sultanate

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Looking again to Omran’s profile as listed above where the company is running four different business models: business development, investment, project management and asset management. All this four models is around project lifecycle where it starts with business development that is looking into business opportunities for establishing a tourism projects around the Sultanate. Then, the project feasibility study transferred to investment department who is responsible to search for the financial funding through several channels such as has partnership with government or private entities, joint venture or fully financed by MOF. When this issued decided, the matter transferred to project management team to take over managing the whole project phases. Finally, the asset management team takes their role in managing the process of project delivery to the determined owners. It is obvious from the aforementioned process that Omran’s business models are diversified and greatly dependent on teamwork. Therefore, project’s success hinges on how the teams perform. The diversity of the teams and business models encouraged Omran to adopt the situational leadership style where it ensures meeting the needs of each team. Situational leadership style is explored in point 2 of this report. Starting explaining the style adopted in business development team, the management is playing a role of supporting and participating style. It is because both the management and the team are making the decisions together with fewer directions from the top management. Business development team is carrying out a number of tasks and process which generally a preparation and development of potential growth opportunities for the senior management or boar... ... middle of paper ... ...epartment are distributed to three major roles: senior design manager, senior construction manager and senior project manager. On the other hand, the management has reduced the leadership on this department considering that they have the knowledge and skill needed to do the tasks. The management’s role is to share responsibility for the goal setting but does not interfere with the team’s work. Now, the project management team has raised a proposal to the top management to appoint senior project manager as a leader for the other two roles. Again this shows that this team is really capable and do not need directions. For the other remaining supporting departments like finance, human resources, risk and compliance, legal, procurement and contracts …etc, Omran is adopting styles that is matching the competences and commitment of the department teams.

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