Management Consulting Case Study

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Management consulting
1. Introduction

The world management consultancy industry is anticipated to be worth over $300 billion annually. The importance of it globally cannot be overestimated. Management consulting takes places in different functional areas for example business strategy, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, and finance.

Initially management consulting was laying directly on areas of strategy in productivity and Technical area and also organisation area. This two concept were inseparable, usually all of the consultant practiced in this areas together. That was more of the simple timers. But now with the modern age, there is a rise in complexity of the business organisations. This in turn have given rise to many different and separate consulting areas. All of this separate has its roots in different methods, knowledge base and delivery models, and each of this are achieving in their own place a different level of
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Before 1950, most of the consulting firms we usually focused on Productivity and Technical issues in manufacturing. The 1st consulting firm was Arthur D. Little(ADL) which was founded in 1886 (ref the book name as mentioned above). ADL developed from the research laboratory. Usually in the 1st half of the 20th century, most of the consulting firms which were originated were because they had some specific opportunities in hand. For example, Booz Allen Hamilton who worked with US government. Even today Booz Allen Hamilton continues to have significant business from the federal government.

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The growth of he consulting industry was triggered by the Glass-Steagall Banking Act in the 1930s. This was mainly driven due to the demand for advice on finance, strategy, and organization. From 1950s, many consultancies expanded their business not only in US but also in Europe and many parts of
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