Management Case Study

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This scenario has a few issues that need to addressed by management. The first issue is the decline in sales, profits, and the customer complaints. As the general manager, the determination as to the cause of these issues is paramount. Another issue in this scenario is that the sales and manufacturing group are blaming each other and the customers for the issues. The company culture does not speak to teamwork among the employees of this company. A third issue is the customer complaint about the defective part. The fourth issue is the cost of the complaint and the financial impact to the company.
The decline in sales, profits, and customer complaints are the result of poor customer service. The general manager has to assess the organizational culture and make
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The employees are not listening to each other nor the customer. The company will continue to suffer if the employees are not willing to work together to make the company a success.
The customer complaint concerning the defective part is a major issue that the general manager has to address. The general manager has to first gather all the facts concerning the defective part. He has to talk to the sales and manufacturing group as well as the customer to determine the reason for the defective part.
The cost of the complaint and the financial impact to the company can have widespread implications. If it is determined that the defective part is the product of missing information and a rush job by the company, the company has to eat the cost and remake the part for the customer. All of the department managers have an opinion on how to handle the complaint, but none of the solutions are constructive. The sales manager wants to blame the customer because he can did not provide the required information in a timely manner. I disagree with this sales manager. If the information was not provided in a timely manner, someone from the company should have been in contact with the customer letting him know that
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