Management At Its Best

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The topic of this paper is on the pros and cons of being a good manager. The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of exemplifying good quality management skills at such a young age. After reading this paper I expect the reader to very well informed on what type of skills it takes to become a good manager. The reader should be able to identify the obstacles the managers face and understand that as a manager your job does not always stop at the end of the workday. In this paper I chose to interview an individual whom is a manager position that oversees employees that a much older than himself. This paper is divided into five different sections. Each section contains information that I felt was important to know in order to exemplify good management skills. The first section the reader will get to know the individual that was interviewed. This section gives the reader a feel of what type of person the individual is. The second section then goes into the challenges that are faced by mangers daily, although most mangers challenges differ depending on their job type. Then the reader will move into the third section, which deals with managing conflict. The managing conflict section deals with the manager handling conflict on among his employees, conflict between himself and his employees and conflict between himself and his supervisor. After dealing with conflict, reader will discover that managers also deal with stress. In this section the reader should understand how the manager deals with stress from the job and how to balance the time loss from spending with family with the time he has to spend working. Then finally the reader will come upon change. Change is the final section in this paper. Change ta... ... middle of paper ... ...ill eventually evolve into helping him reach his long-term goals. CHANGE Change is taking place around us everyday. Delvin constantly reminds his employees that it is vital to adapt to change with the company, because it simply means that company is expanding. " It is important for each employee to take on this challenge of change and give a good reflection to the department that we are serious about what we do and determined to filling the needs of the company especially at the time of a transition." (Simon) SUMMARY The purpose of this paper was to demonstrate management skills at its best. In this paper the individual was to life through his background information, his likes and dislikes, his was of dealing with conflicts, his way of dealing with stress, and how he adapts to change. The individual in this paper is a perfect example of management at its finest.
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