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The nominated organization selected for the purpose of the study is one of the major Australian Banks namely the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) (, 2014).

The bank provides a wide range of financial and banking services including products such as,

• Bank accounts

• Home loans

• Credit cards

• Personal loans

• Educational support to youths and students

• Insurance policies

• Online banking facilities

• Shares and investments

• Superannuation

• Travelling and other international facilities

• Financial planning

• Private and premier banking services

It is evident that any organization be it banking, insurance or any financial institution is the most effective if its organizational objectives do comply with the customer needs and demands. The bank provides the customer with expert financial planners who guide the customers in every step of their financial planning with tailored strategies for enhancing the confidence in the set up plans. The bank also has a customer relations department which looks after customer quiries and complaints. They also have an online form where customers can give feedback and make compliments (,2014)

The main objective of CBA is to remain committed to the services of the customers and provide them with the best service standards which in turn will promote enhanced relationship building between the clients and the bankers. CBA has a published customer service policy available for anyone to look at. Time is an important factor that is given the most priority (, 2014). On time service delivery is one of the main key features of CBA. Cost management services are available for every class of the society with the same quality assurance. The ban...

... middle of paper ... to the customer service department which are to be in compliance with the organizational privacy policies.

The organization uses various modern processes for handling customer complaints and preventing reoccurring of the same in future times. Department wise complaint box is provided for better handling of the complaints. Continuous review of the feedback is carried out to enable handling of future discrepancies.

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