Man 's Search For Meaning

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Man’s Search for Meaning was written by Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl. In the book Frankl discusses his time in a Holocaust work camp. He not only gives a vivid description of his own stories but the stories of his patients. Frankl also discusses his personal journey of trying to figure out what his meaning his. His idea of his own meaning went from being a psychiatrist to having a wife and helping his fellow countrymen. He also touches on suffering and how we cannot avoid it because it is all part of the experience of life. His idea was that he would rather suffer and help his fellow countrymen than give in and die. He was one of the lucky few to escape with his life from the Camps and was able to carry on and tell his story and reunite with his wife. The novel “Why Faith Matters” was written by Rabbi David Wolpe. In the Novel he examines the origins of religion and the misunderstandings that come along with the origins of religions. He also discusses his journey from loss of faith to stronger faith. He also touches on his battle with cancer and how his faith helped him. Wolpe discusses how important faith is in the modern world. For this paper I will touch on how both Wolpe and Frankl discuses faith, suffering, for suffering I will talk about how both men went through some form of suffering. The final topic that I will address for this paper is how both authors talk about what their view is on the question: What is the meaning of life? The theme of faith is strong in both novels. How faith is addressed however is different. Wolpe discusses faith in a few different ways. The first time the topic of faith is examined is Wolpe’s own journey from faith as a child. The reasoning for this journey is that whi... ... middle of paper ... ...ight given by Frankl about suffering happening for a reason brought be a great amount of comfort in a way. I always had the notion in my head that everything happens for a reason and this idea made clear by Frankl comforted me. There has been many times in my life I have found myself thinking why did this happen. I now know that suffering happens for a reason and the lessons that came from the suffering could be the reason why. This will help me grow stronger as a person and have a more meaningful life because I hope to keep the idea that suffering is a part of the experience with me, as I grow older. Another insight given is by Wolpe “To believe only in what you Can see seems a peculiar form of blindness.” I am drawn to the quote although I am not entirely sure why. I think that is important how we should understanding things we cannot see such as emotions
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