Man and Nature in Emerson and Thoreau

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Nature in which people of the entire universe mostly depend upon is found as the true source of happiness in their own life. This great spectacle of the nature is what most of the people appreciate a lot. However the development taking place all over the world does not seems that people are now appreciating the creation of the mighty God. To live happily we the people have to be associated with nature as both Emerson and Thoreau believes in order to live a happy life people must learn to live in harmony with nature without destroying the nature. Both Emerson and Thoreau tends to have similar ideas upon the nature. Emerson states that the first important influences upon the mind of human is nature because nature has no beginning and has no ending but it is like a circular power that keep on returning again and again to the same place where as Thoreau believes that the harmony which the people get from the nature is far greater and the law of nature is to give happiness to the people. However the contrast appears when both Thoreau and Emerson have different ideas upon the manipulation of human mind by the nature.

The first important influence upon the mind of human is nature. As per (Manjari,A) “ Nature has a great impact in our mind. It helps individual to find new innovative ways to live life.” Nature teaches people with ways to live life in a harmonious way. Emerson also says that nature and the mind of human are similar like a circular power which returns again like the everyday sun and the sunset, night and her stars. When the nature is being destroyed however with some circular power it begins to grow again and even the human mind once diverted comes back to sense one day. Emerson in the American Scholar says that the nature...

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...In eternity there is indeed something true and sublime.” Both Emerson and Thereon tends to have different idea of how the nature teaches a lesson to the human world.

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