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1127 words

The argument that Brian Philips’s personal article, “Man Up” is an American NFL ritual meant that it’s a heterosexual sport and therefor it's a way of their manhood. If you are not any of those, then you’re considered to be not a man. That’s what NFL is teaching their players to be tough, aggressive, also creates them to be more aggressive toward other teams on the field. It teaches players to suck up serious mental health issues that the players will not seek help for because they are afraid of what the other team may say.
Brian Philips’s argument about how the NFL, you need to be a man and in order to be a real man, you will need to have all the qualities of being tough and jacked up. Philips says in this article “playing football is a man’s …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that brian philips' personal article, "man up," is an american nfl ritual, and that it's a way of their manhood. the nfl is teaching their players to be tough and aggressive.
  • Analyzes brian philips' argument that football is more about fame and money than playing the game. football is known for getting touchdowns and the team will do anything to get them.
  • Analyzes brian philips' example of the only person that went out to seek help for his emotional issues, jonathan martin. everyone made fun of him for leaving, he had no support from his other team members.
  • Explains that the nfl has probably the highest rate of suicide that goes along with the game of football.
  • Opines that philips should develop his tone as being serious when he is talking about the overall article and the bullying that goes on in football.
  • Analyzes how philips' article is inductive because he goes from the specific facts of football to the general facts about football and what happens in it.

Brain knows what he is talking about when it comes to football since he is a sport's writer, he uses a lot of knowledge of the game. Also, Philips’s is basically saying that men do not seek any kind of help what so ever because they are afraid to be called “weak”. The example Philips’s uses is about how Jonathan Marten left his football career to seek help for his emotional issues. The Shadow Leagues’ J.R. Gamble called Martin “soft” and another ex-player of the Dolphins lineman Lydon Martha said that Martin was “standoffish and shy”. That Martin “broke the code”. Philips’s tone is also that men tell it like it is, and if you don’t like it then you aren’t a man. In football, some team members haze other team members, it just them being them. It’s quite funny how no one thought of Joe Heisman was soft for leaving the game when he broke his leg. Everyone supported him and was there for him and never bullied him for that. They say that if Martin was to leave for a family matter or anything other than to “seek emotional help” that he would have never been bullied and that no one would have looked down on him. After everything that happen with Martin, they put in place a “strict anti-hazing policy”. Football is like the military, because they are both hardcore, you need to be a man in either one of those, there is no pansy allowed otherwise they will send you

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