Man Kills Two

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After stopping at The Pancake House, we got back on the road and started for home. It was Derek and Jordan in the back seat and John and I in the front. We were in the black truck, the color of midnight. After a few minutes of driving, Jordan and Derek fell asleep. This meant that only John and I were awake. Soon after driving a couple miles, we came upon this grey spray-painted van. It looked like the Scooby Do van off of the children’s TV show. The guy in the van was going really slowly, for the surrounding area. After a few miles this guy started to swerve back and forth on the road side to side. The guy would ride the solid lines like it was nothing. The guy put you in the mind of someone that had no clue what they are doing; like a little kid just learning how to ride a bike. “Wow what is this guy doing” said John. “Watch, here comes a tractor and trailer he will definitely stop now.” The guy never moves an inch from that line. The tractor and trailer squeezed by with barley a centimeter of space. After the tractor and trailer passed, the guy turned on his left turn signal. There was nowhere to turn left on this road. By this time we were starting to get a little weary of what this guy was even doing. Now I was starting to get a little scared thinking about all the things that could go on with this guy. Jordan and Derek finally woke up because John and I talking about all the different things that could happen. “What’s going on” Derek and Jordan said at the same time. As I was explaining everything to Jordan and Derek, John slammed on his breaks. I whirled around to see the van in front of ours break lights on. “Wow we see what you mean” said Jordan. “Oh this is nothing compared to what he was doing earlier” said Joh... ... middle of paper ... ... go. I was never so scared in my life. I thought I was going to die. I thought we all were going to die. “Give me my phone; I’m calling the cops again. They’re going to get this guy one way or another” said John. I handed him his phone and he called the cops. After he explained the whole situation with the cops they said they had someone a few miles ahead that would catch him. We drove about 10 more miles without seeing a single cop. When we got to exit 47 we got off because that was our home towns exit. As of then we didn’t see a single cop that would have the chance of stopping the Scooby do van. The next day in the paper we saw the headlines “Man in grey van kills 2”. The guy did end up being caught but it was at the expense of two people’s lives. If they would have just listened to what we had to say they could have caught him before anything else happened.
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