Malnutrition Is An Unhealthy Condition

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Malnutrition is an unhealthy condition that one faces from not eating enough micronutrient foods. The World Food Programme defines a malnourished person who “has difficulty doing normal things such as growing and resisting disease.” People who suffer from malnutrition becomes underweight and micronutrient – deficient. Famine leads to malnutrition. Without food, people starve and ends up dying. It is important to have enough nutrients because it helps your body to function effectively. In many developing countries, famine and malnutrition is a serious global health issue because the government fails to take care of people properly. When malnutrition occurs, it causes severe damage to the organs and functions of the body. The main cause of malnutrition is the lack of insufficient nutritious foods people have to eat. Major macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fat and vitamins are needed for normal growth and development. Many suffer from deficiencies of important vitamins leads to a poorly developed immune system. In poor countries like South Africa, children suffer serious malnutrition that causes growth decay. To maintain a healthy and balanced diet, it is important to know the proper nutrients you need. According to the World Health Organization, it states iron, vitamin A and zinc are factors of a weak immune system. Iron plays a huge role in cognitive development. It is essential to maintain sufficient amounts of iron because children develop cognitive skills in school. Zinc contributes to immune and growth implications especially in young children. When the body does not receive enough zinc it puts people at a greater risk. Vitamin A deficiency severely damages and weakens immune systems of individuals increasing the... ... middle of paper ... ...children with serious consequences.” She emphasizes that when mothers do not have much food to eat, it would effect on their children as well. Most feed on potatoes, rice, etc. but those foods have little nutrition. In South Africa, there have been incidents reported on extreme weathers such as heavy rains and floods which makes people frustrated that they cannot produce nutritious foods in the meantime. Famine and malnutrition is a very big concern that affects people all over the world. In developing countries like South Africa, people are so poor that they eat whatever they find that is edible. They do not consider whether or not it is nutritious or not to the body because the only thing that matters is survival. When citizens, employers and governments work together to end famine and malnutrition in developing countries, it will provide us peace and stability.
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