Malnutrition Case Study

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They both graduated community college and earned associated degree in their country before immigration. Although they prefer to speak their language as Korean, they are willing to learn English very much. They both live on social security income and receive Medicare and Drug coverage. They are overall healthy, but Female resident had history of Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition (CPPD) of hand which is joint problem caused by crystals of calcium salt. She had surgery of removing crystal salt on both handsabout one year ago and she is now on minimum of calcium diet. Male resident also have had multiple chronic illness such as type 2 DM and hypertension. He maintains healthy condition with drugs, exercising and balanced diet. They have four daughters…show more content…
Malnutrition in the elderly is often underdiagnosed. Careful nutritional assessment is necessary for both the successful diagnosis and development of comprehensive treatment plans for malnutrition in this population. My residents prefer to eat traditional Korean food and they go grocery shopping once in twice week and spend around $100 each. They receive extra foods such as canned goods, juices, cerealetc. from the nutrition program for senior.Although they maintainhealthy eating with balanced diet with variety of food sources, their BMI are less than body requirement. Thus, from the short assessment for nutritious condition of my residents (nutritional history, dietary restriction or history, medical history) and from the grocery shopping assessment, I recommend them theimportance of maintaining adequate caloric intake; minimum Kcal 2000 per day including the basic four group of food as well as vitamins and mineral adequately, provide referral to community nutritional resources such as Meals-on-Wheels or hot lunch programs for seniors as indicated and encourage exercise to increase appetite. Lastly, I recommend them to establish appropriate short and long range of goal otherwise they may lose interest in addressing this…show more content…
Each floor, there are 24 rooms and I was told that 60% of residents are African American 30% are Latino and rest of them are Asian residents from the manager. Neighborhoodnear the apartment consists of mostly Black community and there were various incidents such as murder, firearm, and burglary reported nearresident’s apartment. When I walked into the apartment, there was the intercom on the main entrance that visitors must verify their identity and purpose to visit in order to go in. There are two elevators running fast and well. Before I entered the resident’s room, I noticed that doorway and passage way are narrow to accommodatewith assistive device and equipment. Ramps and light are available properly to hallway, entrance and an emergency exit. Each side of floor, there is an exit stair in order to use for an emergency or under construction. In resident’s room, lighting is adequately available (it is not too dim or too bright) and light switches are easy to reach and find. Despite furnitureor clutter is not obstructing walkway, there is rugin the living room that is slipped. Although an emergency button and string are in the bathroom, bathroom is not inside of room and easily accessible. However, there is stable chair with armrest in the tub for supporting and protecting from fall. Toilet with grab rails is also available and toilet seat is low appropriately for

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