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After having the survey and doing the paper the researchers conclude that poverty and health really do connect with each other. As for poverty, it is known to be both cause and effect for problems regarding health in a country. These two problems are always related, poor health increases due to poverty, most people live in slums, and when you say slums, of course it is a place with no proper cleanliness, and there is chaos in the place, and as expected the diseases, illnesses, hunger is common to a place like that. People that are poor are forced to live in place like those which is a factor of why they get sick.
Malnutrition in the country is a huge and serious problem. People that are malnourished have a possibility to suffer physical damage if not treated earlier. If continuously they won't get the nutrition right for them, it could contribute to their development to adult years and might as well lead them to death.
Children are not the only people who could be affected by malnutrition, but also to infants and adults. Anyone that does not get the sufficient nutrition right for their bodies has a big probability to be on the list of malnourished people. Health affects one's development and it is indeed important. One's health is something that must always looked or checked up, to assure your body's condition. People should practice proper hygiene and to have a clean surrounding in order to have a healthier body. Also, one should practice eating nutritious foods; there are lots of fruits and vegetables out there, to avoid illnesses and especially malnutrition.
Poverty is something that is really hard to eliminate but when it comes to health, many things are waiting on our way; we could do a lot of things to live a healthier...

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...tion. Having a good health means having a stable financial accomplishment. Those poor and beggars are the epitome of having a not-so-good health condition – moreover, they may have been suffering malnutrition. Most of them cannot afford to buy the foods and vitamins that may lead to malnourished body.
Every problem has its solution. If the poor itself cannot sustain his basic needs, then who will be the responsible one? - The government. Medical mission, feeding program, money loans, financial assistance, hiring jobs and employments and many other forms, can simply help those people who suffer. In this way, the prevention of malnutrition among these people can occur. It is important that young children be provided with the best possible start. A good parent should have a good job that helps their child to eat and no longer to have health problems like malnutrition.

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