Male and Female Relationships in Generation Y

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Male and Female Relationships in Generation Y

Sexual relationships among teenagers today involve not only dating and sexual activity, but also health and lifestyle issues such as sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Today’s teens are more informed and willing to practice safe sex than previous generations. As a whole, trends like body piercing for sexual pleasure all the way to strict abstinence have been adopted by Generation Y youth (Codrington).

Where did it all begin? Heterosexual relationships have existed from the beginning of time, when the God of Christianity created Adam and Eve. Since that time relationships among heterosexual partners have continued to evolve. Instead of fathers arranging to give away their daughters to deserving men, people in America today now chose who they want to have relationships with.

Dating and the Attractive Partner

Sexual relationships usually begin with dating. Dating is the time when two people get to know each other and a time when they start to consider if they can have a long-term relationship. For today’s teens the new trend in dating is dating in groups of four, six, or even ten people (Stapinski). Even with this new trend however, the men are still asking the woman out. According to Leland Elliott and Cynthia Brantley, authors of Sex on Campus, 77 % of college boys still ask for the first date, while a mere 16 % of college woman take charge (49). Also, most college students (76 %) date only one person at a time. What do both men and woman look for in the opposite sex? If a woman were to answer for a man, most would probably list physical attributes such as eyes, smile, butt, and breasts, but the truth is that the number one thing a man l...

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...girls in Jeopardy.” Human Ecology Forum Summer 1997:12+.

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1 “Founded in 1916, world’s largest and oldest voluntary family planning organization. It is dedicated to the principles that every individual has a fundamental right to decide when or whether to have a child and that every child should be loved.” (

2 The condom concept dates back to 1350 B.C. when ancient Egyptians figured covering the penis might prevent pregnancy…Vulcanized rubber made an appearance as condom material in the mid 1800s. ( Sex on Campus 1997).

“The Trojan brand has been a leader in providing videos and teaching guides for use in high school health education classes across the United States.” (Vogel 33).

3 HIV is an abbreviation for “Human Immunodeficiency Virus.” This virus is what causes AIDS ( Sex on Campus 1997).
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