Malcom X's A Homemade Education

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Malcom X's A Homemade Education Malcom X's "A Homemade Education" tells a story of how he gained knowledge by himself and how it guided his thoughts and ideas. Reading also molded his political views. Although Malcom X is a very outspoken person about racism in America, and throughout the world, I find that he has a right to be angry, but goes a little overboard on blaming whites. The story begins when Malcom is in jail and is given a book that he cannot understand because he can't read. This angered him a little and sparked a fire inside of him to learn how to read and write. Soon thereafter he went to the library in the jail and checked out a dictionary. He began to copy the whole dictionary learning word after word that he wrote. Upon completion of the dictionary, he started to read anything he could get his hands on. No matter what time it was, Malcom was reading. Despite being in jail, he felt as free as he ever could be. Reading and the ability to learn is what made him feel this way. After becoming a more educated man, he began to study the teachings of Muhamma...
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