Malcolm X 's Rhetorical Appeal

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On April 3, 1964, Malcolm X made a powerful speech called The Ballot or The Bullet that probably changed the way how African Americans saw themselves in 1964. African Americans didn’t have much to say when it came to elections during 1964. The caucasian politicians would come into black neighborhoods to force African Americans to put them in office. Throughout his speech, Malcolm X’s uses ethos, pathos, logos and tone to get his point across. He used rhetorical appeals to explain that all humans should be treated equally and given equal rights. Since his speech took place in the 60’s, most of the crowd that came to hear his speech were African Americans. African Americans wanted to hear how they could be motivated to bring equality to society. Malcolm X used great examples of rhetorical appeals to make his speech inspiring. Malcolm X speech starts off by using ethos to introduce himself to his audience. He informs his audience that he is still a Muslim that follows the religion of Islam. Malcolm X said his religious beliefs should have no negative effect on his interest for the issue of black equality. He says, “I’m not here to argue or discuss anything that we differ about, because it’s time for us to submerge our differences and realize that it is best for us to first see that we have the same problem, a common problem” (para. 3). When he was giving his speech, he wasn’t there to discuss his religion. He was trying to gain the audience’s respect. Malcolm X was trying to get his audience to see that all of us are in the same boat. At first Malcolm X thought him and Dr. Martin Luther King had different ideas about black equality, but their ideas seem to have a connection. Encyclopedia says, “Malcolm X thought that he and King pe... ... middle of paper ... ...s should spend their money in their community. Spending money in the white community will only make them wealthy and Blacks community penniless. White men are establishing stores in the black neighborhoods, which is making them wealthy. African Americans should be creating their own business in their community. As shown above, Malcolm X’s speech was very successful by using rhetoric appeals because he understood what his audience was going through. He used ethos, pathos and logos to capture the audience to inspire them to change the world. He wanted to use an angry tone to show how African Americans saw themselves and being educated about what is going on in their community. The speech overall was powerful and gave confidence to his audience. He was a brilliant leader who knew what he wanted to say and how to motivate his audience to make a difference in the world.
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