Malcolm X: Internal Assessment

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A. Plan of Investigation
The Civil Rights Movement in the United States was a revolutionary time period. There were many individuals who contributed to the progress of this movement in the 1950s and 1960s. One individual in particular was Malcolm Little, better known as Malcolm X. Like the famous Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X was a major leader in the Civil Rights Movement. Though Malcolm X's actions were political religion played an important role in determining what actions to take. This paper will investigate to what extent the teachings of the Nation of Islam influenced Malcolm X's actions during the Civil Rights Movement? The paper will focus on biographical and factual information regarding Malcolm X during the Civil Rights Movement in order to analyze any impacts of religion.
The method in which this question will be examined is first noting the religion of Malcolm X, describing certain ideals of the religion that relate to ideals of the Civil Rights Movement, and understanding how Malcolm X gained his religious beliefs. Then the position that Malcolm X had in his religious group will be examined. Following that will be an inspection of the influence Malcolm X had on his religious followers.
B. Summary of Evidence
Historians have focused mainly on the political aspects of Malcolm X; however, his religious ideals were a major contributor to his actions throughout his life (DeCaro 2). At a young age, Malcolm began to experience a more adult phase of religiousness (DeCaro 49). Malcolm X was a follower of Negro prophets. These prophets believed there would be retribution against the white race (Epps 15). This would help to explain his actions and his strong beliefs in Black separation. Everything started while in prison...

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