Malcolm X : A Freedom Fighter Like Dr. King

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Malcolm X was a freedom fighter like Dr. King who fought for the right and freedoms for black Americans. Unlike Malcolm, Dr. King called black Americans blacks while Malcolm called them Negros. Malcolm used violence in his fight for freedom when he said, “Revolution was based upon bloodshed”. Malcolm was ready for anything as far as blacks will gain the respect and freedom they needed. In Malcolm’s black revolution, he made it clear how blacks were treated differently no matter their age, what school they came out of, no matter what their intellectual or professional level was, they were still recognized as a boy and were not given the respect they deserved. He also pointed out how whites made them think they had different goals and objectives. Malcolm’s difference between the goals of integrationists and the goals of separationists in his fight for freedom. Malcolm was a black American who saw the need to fight for equal right and justice for all black people around the world. Malcolm in his revolution defined integration as only a method that is used by some groups to obtain free...

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