Malaysian Electoral System

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The Malaysian electoral process has been heavily debated about for the past few years. Many have pointed out flaws in the system and have demanded immediate changes to provide a fairer playing field for all political candidates. One of the problems of the electoral system is the additional challenges non-government candidates face due to lack of political freedom (“The electoral process”, n.d.) This turns any political contest unequal and unfair because the opposition parties are not given equal chances like the in-ruling parties do. This is seen in the lack of media access other candidates have against the ruling government (“8 demands”, n.d.). Currently, there is a lack of confidence in the validity or the neutrality of the Electoral Commissions (EC). Members of the EC are elected by the Yang di- Pertuan Agong (YDPA) after discussing with the Conference of Rulers (“Federal Constitution”, 2013). However, according to Article 40 the YDPA can only act after receiving advice from the Cabinet or a Minister representing the Cabinet (“Federal Constitution”, 2013); in most cases it would mean the Prime Minister. Hence, it may seem that the politically neutral EC were to side certain political parties. Aside from that, those in charge of checking the electoral roll are not thorough enough in the checking process. An independent agency, MIMOS (Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems) have been given the responsibility of checking the accuracy of the electoral roll (Ong, 2012). MIMOS checks to see if there are duplicates IC numbers in the electoral roll (Ong, 2012). However, MIMOS only checks for duplicate entries using the new IC (identity card) numbers and ignores the old IC numbers (Ong, 2012).This agency also fails to confir... ... middle of paper ... ...t&view=article&id=216-process-of-election&Itemid=242 Report of special select committee on electoral reforms, 2012. Retrieved from Response from Bersih 2.0 to the recommendations of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reform, (2012). Retrieved from The election process - 13th Malaysian general election. (2013, March 8). The Star Online. Retrieved from The electoral process. (n.d.). Retrieved from The role of the Election Commission- 13th Malaysian general election. (2013, March 8). The Star Online. Retrieved from

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