Malaysia Tourism Case Study

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1.0 Introduction

Nowadays, there are many factor affecting tourism industry and its become more important sector for both developed and developing countries. Tourism industry is about the people and their activities that involved in providing services for people during holidays, for example tour guides, hotels and restaurants. Tourism industry also included in the international trade between tourism from foreign country. Now days, the tourism arrival become one of the major business sector to the many country where they support and contribute to national economic growth.
From that, we know Malaysia is one of the famous country in the world tourism industry. The tourism industry in Malaysia are now at ranks of 35th in the international tourism market. The tourism industry in Malaysia were divided into two, that is domestic tourist and foreign tourist. So, the main target of Malaysia tourism industry is to attract as many tourist as possible. In addition, the tourism industry in Malaysia are efforts to extend the tourist period of stay so that can profit to this sector. As a result, render employment will increase to many individual and also the job opportunities by tourism industry in Malaysia will lead to the contribution towards the gross domestic products (GDP). So, the tourism arrival have strong relationship between real gross
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Furthermore, the crude oil price is an important factor in tourism industry as it may influence the tourism arrival. According to the Chatziantoniou & Apostolakis (2013), the oil price make a specific demand shocks exercise a significant negative impact on tourism sector equity returns and
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