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Can Malaria be cured? The Issue: Malaria is a pandemic disease that almost half of the human population are exposed and susceptible to developing. Introduction 1.1 Identify and describe a question or problem in an area of biology relevant to an issue researched. Malaria is a parasitic disease typically spread by small organisms transmitting diseases to other organisms this is known as a vector. The disease is an immense issue concerning large populations around the equator. There are many obstacles associated with malaria, wealth and economics are just two issues affecting many developing countries. The cost is not just local, millions given through loans and charities internationally help limit an outbreak. However the amount received is insignificant compared to the scale of the problem, so therefore the costs of medicine and mosquito nets along with other equipment would be unsustainable to a countries budget. Also the inability to pay off loans increases the financial burden, making it even more difficult to restrict an outbreak of malaria. The vector spreading malaria is the mosquito. There are multiple breeds of the organism and along with those different strains of malaria. This in turn leads to complications in developing medicines and also vaccines. Furthermore a combination of a mutation in genes and a selection pressure (pesticides) can lead to mosquitos becoming resistant and even more difficult to stop malaria from spreading. The parasites behind malaria are of the Plasmodium genus and once in a human body it targets erythrocytes (red blood cells). The spleen, which is responsible for filtering an individual’s blood, removes parasitized cells, therefore it is not uncommon for affected people to have anaemia. The ... ... middle of paper ... ...reliability and validity. As Unicef is setup by the UN and helps all countries the source would be unquestionably unbiased. This is crucial as we are able to conclude that the information is balanced and is not favouring any side. Therefore using Unicef as a source provides legitimate information. NHS UK [source 4] - The NHS (National Health Service) is a system in England set up by the UK government for treating and aiding the health of people in the country. It is funded by tax and gives free medical care and advice to individuals in England. As the system was setup by the government and is regularly regulated and monitored it is evident that the NHS is a trustworthy source. In addition its information on diseases such as malaria would therefore be credible as it is the major provider of health care in the whole of England.

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