Malaria Case Study

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Malaria, a serious sometimes fatal disease is caused by a parasite that infects a type of mosquito into the blood that feeds on humans. Malaria being one of the most severe public health problems worldwide, it is known to be one of the main causes of diseases and deaths in many developing countries. Malaria is a public health problem in more than 90 countries, inhibited by a total of 2,400 million plus people in some countries- estimating about 40% of the world’s population. In the malaria epidemic parts of the world, change in the risk of malaria can be the unintended results of economic activity or agricultural policy that changes the use of land; for example, the building of damn’s, irrigations schemes and even deforestation ("Malaria -…show more content…
Better aid? More aid? With the latter part of the 20th century bringing significant changes about the infectious disease, malaria, the treatment, has led to the WHO response. World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a global technical plan for malaria between the years 2016-2030. This global technical strategy for malaria provides a framework for all countries contaminated with this infectious disease. The WHO intends for this plan to guide and support regional and programmes as they work towards malaria control and elimination. The strategy sets an ambitious, but achievable goal including; reducing malaria case incidence by at least 90% by 2030, reducing malaria mortality rates by at least 90% by 2030, eliminating malaria in at least 35 countries by 2030 and prevent a resurgence of malaria in all countries that are malaria-free (Fact Sheet about Malaria). The WHO Global Malaria Programme (GMP) coordinates WHO's global efforts to control and eliminate malaria by; setting, communicating and promoting the adoption of evidence-based norms, standards, policies, technical strategies, and guidelines, keeping independent score of global progress, developing approaches for capacity building, systems strengthening, and surveillance and identifying threats to malaria control and elimination as well as new areas for action(Fact Sheet about

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