Making a Night Light

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602 words

Making a Night Light A nightlight provides light at the change of the light- mostly at night. The definition of light night is so that night passers will be able to see more clearly, drivers will be able to drive safely and accidents will be avoided. Nightlight requires LDR (Light Dependent Resistor). The resistor changes its resistance depending on the amount of light it receives. LDR is also used to monitor light intensity level. A resistor, which reduces the flow of current in circuit, is also needed. 555 microprocessor the brain is also needed to control the flow of energy from the power supply to the components. Battery will be used to supply voltage for the circuit. We detect a light level using a LDR. The LDR then send signal to the LED providing us with the output of light. AIM === The aim of this investigation is to make a nightlight. The light will be produce using an LED (Light Emitting Diode), which will provide small bright light. [IMAGE]LED Diode provides small bright light, and is mostly used in computer, TVs, remote controls, mobile phones, and on many more electrical appliances. [IMAGE]LDR Can be used to monitor light intensity level. It changes its resistance depending on the amount of light. [IMAGE]555 microprocessor Looks like spider with its eight legs. It is a small chip, which controls the flow of energy within the circuit- it acts like the brain of the circuit as everything as to be connected to it. [IMAGE]RESISTOR This reduces the flow of current in the circuit. Duracell Ultra Alkaline 9V Batteries, 2 Pack BATTERY 9v battery will be needed to supply voltage to the circuit. We tested the nightlight by covering up the LDR with a finger; this makes the light brighten up. However when I removed the finger from the LDR the LED went off. When there is no light the LED comes on, however when there is light getting into the LDR the LED goes off.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they detect light levels using a ldr, which sends signal to the light level.
  • Explains that the ldr led went off and when there is no light, the led comes on.
  • Explains that they switch off when they take their finger of the ldr.
  • Narrates how they missed a cable and took notice of it and repeated it.
  • Explains that they had covered the ldr with their finger, then removed it to see it.
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