Making a Change: The Homeless

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One day my mother and I was at Speedway and while leaving we saw a woman sitting on the curb. We had been seeing that woman for about 4 weeks. We always thought that she was waiting for a bus or someone to pick her up but it seemed to never come because she was always there. That day my mom got out of our car and took a blanket out from the back seat. I instantly knew what she was doing. She was offering the woman a blanket. While my mom talked to her I sat in the car and thought about how she has no home and has no place to go. I realized how much that woman has gone through. After talking to the woman, who we learned was named Olga, We went to the Tuttle Mall and on the way there we saw an older looking man wearing a big coat and holding up a sign saying that he was homeless and needed money. We gave him 5 dollars and went to the mall hoping he found help. While we were at the stop light I did notice how many people were just passing him like they did not see him. At that moment I realized that so many homeless people are out there. Every town you go to you are most likely to see ...

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