Making Your Purchasing Decisions

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1.List and explain the major sources of consumer information.
Consumer information is information collected from a consumer before buying something. First, people may wish to find the brand which is better for you. You may look at reviews of how a product performs. For example, Thomas is uses to buying Sony products. This time Thomas can’t afford to buy products made by Sony. Thomas decided to look at the reviews on a new product called LG. After reviewing the comments posted Thomas decided he would try the LG brand.
Online sources help consumers find information about buying items. For instance, if you are looking for a car you can check out different websites. The websites can give you specific details about an item you may be interested in buying. Usually before I make a purchase I look online before going to a store to shop. I look for discounts, coupons, and reviews on items I’ve never used. Consumers can use the media to obtain information on making purchases.
2.Compare and contrast (a) buying a vehicle versus (b) leasing a vehicle.
Leasing is paying for an object for a period of time. You can sign a lease for a home, car, or apartment. “Leasing is a contractual agreement with monthly payments for the use of an automobile over a set time period, typically three, four, or five years” (Hughes, 2009, p. 254). For example, Jimmy signed a lease for three years. He is required to 200.00 a month for three years. When Jimmy inquired about buying a car he would need to pay a 2000.00 down payment and pay 350.00 per month. Since leasing was cheaper he decided to lease instead of buying.
Buying a car is making monthly payments so that you can have complete ownership of your car. After paying off a car it is then yours to own. Leasi...

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...ealtor. Realtors are trained to work with all the aspects of selling a home.
According to Investopedia, “there are seven steps you need to consider before selling your home”. Things to consider when selling your home includes: “Exposure, Market Information, Negotiating Ability, Legal Issues, Value Added Services, The Eccentricity Factor, and Your Time”(Investedia). Exposure is getting the word out to about your house. Negotiating abilities help the owner negotiating different offers for the home. Legal issues can arise when selling your home without a realtor. Therefore, people should have legal advice and help with the contract and issues with the home. Value added deals with financing the home. The eccentricity factor would be limiting buyers because you have not got the word out like realtors would. Lastly, you will use a lot of your time trying to sell a house.

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