Making The Ultimate Choice: Making The Ultimate Choice

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Making The Ultimate Choice
The never ending debate of abortion has been present ever since humans have started procreating. When one tries to find out what the nation’s opinion is about this topic, they’ll find two ends of the spectrum, either the pro life people or the pro choice. Rarely do you find a website or a publication that shares common ground between the two points of views. While researching the subject I stumbled upon the Organizations “Pro Life Wisconsin”. This organization believes that aborting of any kind should be against the law. I also came across various pro choice websites that assert that aborting of any kind is in fact a woman’s right and should be legal. While his organization and these websites, both make valid points,
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So for example, even if the baby is healthy and there are no problems with the pregnancy, but the mother still just simply doesn’t want the child, then it’s her complete freedom to abort. Abortion is legal in the United States, but any state can add restrictions to it as they please. Even if it is her right to abort, can we say it is morally justifiable? Several reasons why some women abort a perfectly healthy baby are financial instability, timing, and age. While I see that some of these points can affect the child in the long run, there is still other factors to be considered. The first one being that is the fetus alive or not? The supreme court basically gave an unlimited right to abortion after the case “Roe v. Wade” (Schwarzwalder 2). Which gives women the freedom to abort even after the fetus is legally considered a living, breathing thing. This means we are not even regarding the full grown baby as an individual human being that falls under the law with rights and freedoms. Isn’t that in it’s self going against the law? If taking another person’s life is considered immoral, then shouldn’t also taking a full grown fetus’ life be just as
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