Making College Beneficial

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Furthering one’s education beyond high school level should be a benefit rather than a burden. Many people believe it is the key to social mobility and an opportunity to become successful. However, with the increasing tuition of institution of higher education, students find it rather hard to decide whether continuing their education is beneficial. Most people will agree that furthering your educational career is beneficial, whether it is to move up to a higher class or just nurturing the minds. The increasing cost of attending a university has become a burden to students after graduation due to the amount of debt accumulated while studying at one of these further education colleges. This is not only a problem in the United States, but also in many other countries such as, Great Britain and Japan (Sheehy). There should be a way for students to attend school without worrying about the debts. Many legislatives have come up with theories to fix the student debt crisis; however there are still many students in debt.
There are many benefits of having a degree from an institution of higher education. Many people believe that college is the key to opportunities and social mobility. “The earnings of college graduates are much higher than for nongraduates and this is especially true among people born into low income families.” (Greenstone, Looney, Patashnik, and Yu). Based on the chart provided, it shows that college graduates have a higher chance of achieving a higher status than those that do not have a degree. It is an economical investment and many low income families are putting together what little they have to put their kids through college. These families are correct on the idea that education can get them further in l...

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