Making Cities Livable Again

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For essay two I have chosen to discuss making cities livable again by reducing crime, returning jobs, and providing affordable housing. Though out the world there are many countries that have many cities which are struggling and living in poverty. The area I will be focusing on however is the United States. The United States has many states and many of these states have cities that have taken a spiral downhill and deteriorating due to poverty, crime, and lack of jobs. There are many people and families that are struggling to pay bills, buy food, and keep their families safe from crime. The truth is many people and families in these cities do not know how to find assistance or help with these situations. Many also do not understand how to even look for assistance and help. However there is much assistance and help for many cities and its residence. There is also many ways in which the government can do to make many of these deteriorating cities livable again. The main thing the government can do to help make these cities livable again is urban sprawl and urban renewal.
Urban Sprawl is defined as “unplanned low density development at the edge of expanding urban areas (Macionis, p 483)”. Urban renewal is defined as “a federally funded program to demolish old buildings in decaying areas of a city and build new ones in their place (Macionis, Parrillo, p 420)”. Both of these developments are not always excepted however and they a lot of the time are treated and thought of in negative perspectives, especially by the residents that live in the areas of which Urban Sprawl and Urban Renewal is taking place. It is understandable that many residents disapprove of Urban Sprawl and Urban Renewal especially if they have been residents for years...

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... which can lower and reduce crime. The public housing from urban renewal can also help the residents either relocate to better living situations or bring them better more affordable housing. All of these aspects can help cities, urban cities and there residents look for more jobs, reduce or lower crime, and of course provide affordable housing. It just takes some time to get used to and adjust to like all things that come with change.


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