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614 words

Makeup Essay 2 The only reason that I missed my lab quiz was because I own a company named Loan Modification Relief Center. What we specialize in is saving clients from loosing their homes to foreclosure, sale dates and help put them in a better situation. On the day of the 2nd lab quiz, I had 3 clients that were about to loose their homes and I don’t pass that job on to anyone else simply because I have that old school mentality that if I don’t do it myself it wont get done right. Since my name is on the line with it being my company I am not willing to tarnish my name so I had to be there to make sure it happen correctly. I’m pleased to say that the time I missed away from school was not wasted on a lazy day or a personal day or just a day off. I was able to postpone the sale dates for all three clients homes. In all honesty I have straight For future reference I assure you that I will not be missing anymore classes, I have done my best to implement an alternative solutions to prevent this situation form occurring again in the future. A’s and I take my schooling very seri...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they missed their lab quiz because they own a company called loan modification relief center, which saves clients from foreclosure, sale dates, and help put them in better situations.
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  • Explains that the le systems are marketed for people who need an all-in-one system that has at least one mic preamp and di for bass or guitar or vocals.
  • Explains that hd systems are pro systems, starting at about $10,000, probably more, and use pci cards for the interface. pt le is the semi-pro version.
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